Boise River

Last night at dinner we talked Sharla into going down the Boise River with us today. Mary wanted to kayak in her little kayak (the only kayak we have in Boise), however, the place that rents inflatable kayaks for going down the Boise River does not rent boats for one person. So our plan was to rent an inflatable and go down the river. Since Sharla was willing to go, Mary could go in her kayak and Sharla and I can go in an inflatable.

The Boise River runs right through downtown Boise. The city has an inflatable rental operation and maintains a put-in and take out for people to raft, kayak, canoe & tube down the river. The greenbelt runs along the river and both the river and greenbelt run through multiple parks. I was really excited about going down the river because the river and the greenbelt are two of my favorite things about Boise.

Unfortunately we did not go. The clouds moved in overnight and rain showers were falling this morning with a prediction of thunderstorms. Lightening and water don’t mix. Instead we finished getting things ready to leave Boise.

The RV’s fresh water tank need to be sanitized. Every time it has been sanitized, Mary has complained that the water smells like chlorine. Sanitizing the tank with bleach can leave a bit of chlorine smell in the tank. This time instead of using bleach, I sanitized it with Listerine. Shelley says Listerine will kill anything. So, now our water will smell minty fresh instead of like chlorine.

Mary took care of getting the bikes & boats checked out and loaded on top of the truck cab She located all our backpacking & hiking gear, and tested the generator. I went to the grocery store and got food for a month.

We have water in the fresh water tank, groceries in the cabinets & refrigerator, bikes and boats on top of the truck, lawn chairs strapped to the ladder on the back of the RV, windows washed, etc. The only things left to do will need to be done tomorrow right before we pull out.

Tonight we are going to dinner with friends. Tomorrow morning I am going to the Boise Market and tomorrow afternoon we will be on our way.