Moving Day

IMG_1260Our RV park has a dog park and an adjoining natural area where dogs can run off leash. Moxie particularly likes the natural area. The RV site we were initially assigned is about a block and a half from the dog park and natural area. This morning we noticed that a site closer to the dog park and natural area had come open. The site is farther away from the entrance of the RV park (which means less traffic). Mary went to the office to ask if we could move to the open site.

Once permission was granted, we moved. As with our other site, the site is very nice. It has a small storage shed and lots of beautiful Pondoarosa Pines. We will be on this site for the duration of our time in Bend. We are about the same distance from the laundry, hot tub, and club house. Our address is the same except for the site number: 60801 Brosterhous Road, CrownVilla RV Resort, Bend, Oregon 97702. Our site number has changed to site 455 (that can be added to our address or left off)

Mary or Moxie broke the mirror by the RV exit door when the two of them were trying to go out the door at the same time. We attempted to remove the mirror from the wall, but it is glued to the wall. As a temporary repair, we duct taped the broken area of the mirror. Less than half of the mirror is broken and since it is glued to the wall I think attempting to remove it will cause more damage so my plan is to figure out some way to cover the mirror - maybe a cork board or a padded fabric panel. I will think about it for a few days before coming up with a solution. It is secure and taped so there is no danger of broken glass - it just looks bad.

We got all boats and bikes put away, hooked up utilities and set up the RV. We still need to insulate our water hose and do a few other things. We also noticed that the underbelly cover of our freshwater tank has popped lose. We will call a mobile RV service come fix that on Monday.

We went to Trader Joe’s to do some grocery shopping. Trader Joe’s is on the north side of town and we are on the south side - it takes about ten minutes to get to Trader Joes.

An observation - Bend seems to be very white. I do not think I have seen a minority since we arrived. After noting this I looked up the demographics online and bend is indeed very white - 91.3%. The largest minority is Hispanic/Latino - 8.2%. Another observation is that Bend is much like Missoula, MT - if it is sunny and the temperature is above forty, people wear shorts and tee-shirts (no coats or jackets).

Today was another sunny day. We went to a sushi restaurant for dinner and streamed a movie on our television.