Mary was up and ready to hit the road before eight o’clock today. Today’s drive was scenic. This morning we saw a lot of pronghorns grazing in the fields along the interstate. I think all three states we drove in today are beautiful - lots of colorful rock formations, mountains and hills. In Wyoming, Utah and Idaho we saw snow covered mountains and snow capped mountains. Utah and Idaho are greener than Wyoming right now, I suspect that is because of warmer temperatures.

We stopped for lunch at a rest area in Utah. We had stopped here before and knew that the rest area had hiking trails and red rocks. Mary took Moxie for a hike while I fixed lunch and I took Moxie to look for whistle pigs while Mary took a short nap. Moxie loves whistle pigs. I don’t know what she would do if she caught one, but she sure enjoys chasing them and trying to dig them out of their homes. Moxie says she would have had one today if I did not have her on a leash. The photo is Moxie trying to dig out a whistle pig.

When we left Rawlins this morning, our plan was not to drive all the way to Boise today, but we made really good time and so we just kept driving. We arrived at Riverside RV Park around six-thirty. We set up quickly and took Moxie for a walk on the Greenbelt. Needless to say, we are both tired this evening - the good thing is, we do not have to drive tomorrow.