Glacier National Park - Day 13

We pulled out of Fish Creek Campground around 6:30 this morning. It started raining before we went very far. Getting from Fish Creek Campground to Many Glacier Campground means going over the Road to the Sun or going out of the park and around. We could not go Road to the Sun with the RV so we had to go around the park both routes take about the same amount of time (two and a half hours to three hours). As the crow flies, the distance is only about thirty miles. Driving distance is more than double that and involves narrow curvy roads in ill repair. It also involves watching for and avoiding cattle since the out of the park drive is through free range areas.

On our way, we learned that the west side of Glacier National Park is supposed to get snow tonight. The east side is supposed to be cold, rainy and windy (gusts up to seventy miles per hour) but no snow. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny on both sides of the park. We drove through the burn area that I traveled through when it was burning in 2006. The burnt trees are still standing. We saw two rainbows while driving along the windy narrow road.

Once into the free range areas, cattle was all along the road. Most of the time when driving through, there is either no cattle or just a cow or two. Today they were everywhere along the road. The road into the Many Glaciers area is in bad condition and we knew the RV was going to have things thrown everywhere from all the bumping. Within five minutes of entering the park we saw a black bear and a grizzly bear. Mary was very excited to see the grizzly - it was the first one she has ever seen and it was only about a hundred feet from the car.

When we arrived in Many Glaciers campground, it was full. We drove through and talked with the campground host who suggested that we try to get in again early tomorrow morning. On our way out of the Many Glaciers area, we saw the grizzly bear again he was lumbering along down by the river (much farther from the car).

We drove to St. Mary’s where we had camping reservations. As we drove into the campground, we noticed that none of the sites were flat so we were not surprised to find that our site was also unlevel. With some work, Mary was able to position the RV so that it was level side to side. There was no way to get it level from front to back because the entire site is on an uphill grade. The site is much better than many we saw, at least we were level from side to side and our site is large, private and has a nice view of the mountains.

We found a mess inside the RV. Usually Mary does the outside chores and I do the inside ones when we arrive at camp. This time Mary did the outside chores and then helped me with straightening up the inside. We had lunch, put on warmer clothes, and went to find a laundry mat. It is too cold and windy to be outside much.

The photo at the top of the page shows the grizzly bear. Can you see the rainbow in the photo below?