Ready Fire Aim

We are working on getting the house ready to leave, the RV ready to go and ourselves ready to leave family & friends. There is a lot involved in moving part of your life over two thousand miles away from the part left behind. There are a few major things that have to be done and thousands of little things that have to be taken care of. We are in the process of doing those things. I have several lists and calendars where I attempt to keep up with everything. I check off things once they are done. It seems that for everything I check off the list, I add at least two or three more things. Things are getting done, but the list is not getting much shorter. There are the things that absolutely must be done, the things that need to be done, the things that we would like to do, and so on. Add to that spending time with friends and family that we will not see again for a long time, taking care of business stuff, getting dental and medical checkups, etc. and the days fill up fast.

As far as we know, the RV is travel ready except for checking tire pressure (we will do that on our way out of town). Travel ready does not mean that it is packed - it simply means that it did not sustain any external or internal damage over the winter - at least none that we can see. Both vehicles are travel ready after spending many hours and lots of money - oil changes, new windshield wipers, tires rotated, two tires on truck replaced, 60,000 check-up and maintenance on truck, etc. Maintaining a large vehicle with a diesel engine makes maintaining a car seem very inexpensive.

Mary is back at work at REI and I am going to lunch and dinner with friends and taking care of thousands of small things and a few big things that need to be done (maybe it’s not thousands, but it seems like it).

In the middle of that, I am dealing with the fact that Shadow is not going to go to Oregon with us (well maybe in Spirit). The vet added another pain medication to her pill regimen yesterday. My head knows she cannot make the trip, but my heart is having trouble accepting it. We know and the vet has told us that she is too weak and physically unstable to go. The new pain medication seems to be helping a bit - Shadow has her ears perked up and is more attentive than usual. I am still hoping for a miracle. I still have all of Shadow’s travel stuff in the RV, I can’t bring myself to remove it. The photo is of Shadow as a puppy.

I have been on a diet for two months and have lost 10% of my body weight. Knowing we are leaving, friends keep asking us to go out to eat and I am having a hard time maintaining my low calorie intake. Some days I am eating both lunch and dinner out. So far I have been able to maintain my weight. I am very close to the weight I want to be. Eating out is tough because it requires intense self-control to pass on the bread, order something that is grilled not fried and has no sauce, order vegetables instead of mashed potatoes, not clean my plate, and watch everyone else eat desert.

It’s hard to believe that in three weeks and a few days we will be on our way. Seems like there is so much to do between now and then.