Blue Angels

For the past week, we have watched and listened to jets flying over the RV for hours every day. This is not like what you hear from passenger airplanes - this is so loud it shakes the rv. About midweek we put two and two together and realized that we were watching the Blue Angels along with other jets practicing for an airshow at the military base that is about 3 miles from us (as the crow flies).

Mary had to work today, but I went to the Arctic Thunder airshow today. Gates opened at 9:00 and the Blue Angels took the runway at 4:00. I decided that if I left the RV at 1:00 I would have plenty of time to get there, park and see all the exhibits and things on display before the Blue Angels. At 3:00 I was on the base, but still not to the parking area. I got parked just in time to walk over to the viewing area to see the Blue Angels. For 45 minutes, the Blue Angels performed stunts and flew in formations in which they were only eighteen inches apart.

After the show I hurried to my car so I could get out quickly. WRONG - it took me two and a half hours to get back to the RV (3 miles away as the crow flies). According to the local news, they generally have a hundred thousand people at the event each day (it is a two day event). This year the numbers were "much greater" than past years. I think the shear number of vehicles overwhelmed the traffic system the soldiers had in place. Although I spent five times more time in the car than I did watching the show, I am still glad I went. How often do you get a chance to see the Blue Angels.