Week One in Alaska

Thank goodness for GPS. We are still trying to find our way around Anchorage both on foot/bike and in vehicles. We have found grocery stores, a laundry mat, a car wash and other necessities. We also have a mailbox at the UPS store; hopefully we will be able to find the UPS store again so we can get our mail.

Anchorage is the most diverse (people-wise) place we have ever lived. According to census records, Anchorage is one of the most diverse places in the country. Anchorage public schools lead the nation in diversity. And the three most diverse neighborhoods in the United States are in Anchorage. I envisioned Anchorage as being pretty homogenous - I was wrong. All the people we have met have been very friendly and helpful. When I am out walking Moxie, everyone we pass speaks.

There are more parks and more paved and unpaved trails throughout town and the parks than anywhere we have been. I am still getting lost on the trails and walking farther that I intended. I keep studying the map, but there are more actual trails than what are shown on the map. Even using a GPS, it is very easy to get lost on all the trails.

Every evening, the weather man on the news predicts sun for the following day. With the exception of today, we have awoken to clouds every morning. Apparently if the sun peeks through the clouds anywhere and anytime during the day it is considered a sunny day. Photos of the sun are shown on the evening news - even if the photos only have a small bit of blue sky peeking through the clouds. Seeing the sun seems to be a big event. Last night the skies cleared around 7:00 PM and we had blue skies and sunshine until midnight. This morning we are partly cloudy and the sun is shinning. According to the morning news, this is a day to be celebrated - today is supposed to be the first day of the year that we reach sixty degrees. The last time it was sixty degrees was in September 2015.

Until last night I was very pleased with how well we both had been sleeping. We had heard that sleeping in Alaska was difficult because of the long hours of daylight (there is no dark unless it is cloudy - twilight is as good as it gets if the sun is shinning). Last night, it did not get dark and even with the blackout shades, I could not sleep. Light comes in around the edges of blackout shades. Today, I will work on blocking out more light.