Squeeky Clean

Since we arrived in Boise the first week in April, Mary and I have talked about getting the RV washed. Most RV parks have someone who comes through during the summer that will wash RVs for exorbitant prices. Our plan was to just deal with the dirt until summer.

This morning when Moxie and I were out for our morning walk, one of our neighbors was on his RV roof washing the RV. I jokingly ask if he wanted to do mine next. We got to talking and he was going to have to move out of this park because of the price increase that happens May 1. In addition, his furnace broke and he had to have it replaced. Bottom line, the man is broke and has to find a new place to live. He said he would wash our RV for $50. About two hours later, he knocked on our door ready to start work. He told me that two other people have asked him to wash their’s also. He is very excited to have found a way to make some extra money.

This RV park has more rules than any place I have every seen. Oddly enough, they do not have a rule against washing your RV (most RV parks have rules against washing your RV). The only approved washers in most parks are people that pay a fee to the owner of the RV park.

Our RV is filthy. It has not been washed since we left Boise over a year ago. It sat in a dirt storage lot for almost a year and then was driven across country. The front is covered with bugs and the rest of it is covered with road dirt and dust. The bugs that are unfortunate enough to come in contacts with RVs traveling cross country must eat SuperGlue for lunch. Their SuperGlue diet combined the force of 70+ mph winds that plaster them to the RV and long days of sun baking them on leave a mess that is almost impossible to remove from a white RV. For $50.00 this fellow is going to remove bugs, all the dirt and wash the windows - if you have never paid to have an RV washed then you might not realize what a deal $50 is.

Best of all, the guy washing the RV is really washing it with a hose, brushes, rags and a bucket of soapy water. He climbs up on his ladder and scrubs it. The guys who come through RV parks washing RVs during the summer spray them with a power washer and call it good.

Mary will be very happy when she gets home from work and discovers that the RV has been washed….. of course we are talking about Mary. Most likely she will not even notice that the RV she has complained about being dirty for almost a month is now squeaky clean - she will just want to know what’s for dinner.