Not For Us

We had considered Reno/Sparks as a potential relocation spot but were concerned about the casinos and other things that go along with that type of environment. We had several people tell us that it is a great place with lots of outdoor recreation. We decided to check out Reno/Sparks on this trip.

We drove into town on the expressway where traffic was insane - we are talking about mid-day traffic. It seemed that everyone was speeding and darting in and out of lanes. There was a lot of trash along the road and with the exception of the casinos, the town appears to be very run down and unkept. It is spring in Reno/Sparks and in my mind, things should be green and flowery. That is not what we found.

We pulled into River’s Edge RV Park We wanted to check out the park because it is on the banks of the Truckee River. The park had mixed reviews and we quickly saw why when a plane few over low enough for us to wave to the pilot. The park was also in a rather shady looking part of town. We decided the park was not very appealing and headed to the second park on our list of possibilities.

After determining that indeed Victorian RV Park was located off the ramp onto the interstate, we pulled into the highest rated RV park in the area. It did not look any better than the first RV park, but we were over dealing with the traffic and knew that this was supposed to be the nicest park in the area so we checked in. First of all, RV parking lot is a much more accurate description than RV park - there is nothing park-like about this place. Walmart has more green space than this RV park. There is no grass except for tiny areas on the end of each long row of RVs. We pulled in and our neighbor immediately warned us about theft and that we should make sure we lock up everything - especially our bicycles. There is no wifi except in the office and at a picnic table outside of the office. The dog park is a tiny gravel area. The park is located off an interstate ramp, so you can imagine the road noise. Our car is squeezed into our site and is about a foot from the RV steps. Lengthwise, we barely fit in the site. All this for hotel rates - perhaps higher than hotel rates at the casinos.

We hooked up our electricity and looked at each other. Mary said, “I don’t think I could live here for a year. “ I said I wasn’t sure we even wanted to spend the night. We decided to check and see if we could book another night in Death Valley rather than spending another night in Reno/Sparks. There was no reason to stay here since we were not going to relocate here we do not need to check things out. I called The Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley and they happily added tomorrow night to our reservation.

We did not find much we liked in Reno/Sparks, but the casinos are not the reason we would not consider relocating here. The major issue is there is nowhere safe and clean for us to live in the RV.