Icefields Parkway

Mary got up early this morning and we were on the road by 8:30. The elk were waiting at the campground exit to tell us goodbye. They were in the road and on both sides of the road - took us a while to get through the crowd. I thought Mary had gotten up early because was excited about driving Icefields Parkway, but I was wrong. Between Banff and the start of Icefields Parkway is a bakery that Mary loves. She suggested we stop there for breakfast. We had breakfast at the bakery and Mary left with a L-A-R-G-E bag of assorted pastries.

Of all the places I have been, my favorite drive is Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise, AB and Jasper, AB. It is about a 150-175 mile drive through the Northern Rockies past glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and beautiful mountain peaks. We had hoped to drive it on a clear day, but that did not happen. We were very fortunate to be able to drive it this time of year without icy roads. We started out with blue skies which quickly changed to grey, then we had rain, then snow and rain again. The good thing about that is that we saw very few other vehicles. Most of the side trips along the route had some snow on them and we were afraid that if we took the RV down any of them we may not be able to get back out so we drove straight through with only one stop at the visitor's center.

We arrived in Jasper around 2:00. The "campground" is a parking lot with electric hookups and a bath house - no water and no sewage, but we are in Jasper - our favorite town in Alberta (we have only been to four towns in Alberta, but Jasper is by far the favorite). By nightfall there were about 20-25 RVs in the campground.