Visiting Family & Making Repairs

Yesterday was a fun day. We drove up to Flathead Lake to visit my cousin Kelly and his wife, Sandy, at their place on the lake. On the way we drove past the beautiful Mission Mountain Range and the National Bison Range. The place on the lake is an old farm house that has been redone to some degree - the farm house charm still remains. There is also a large building that has been added to provide garage storage and sleeping quarters for guests. The farmhouse has several bedrooms, the addition also has several bedrooms and an open bunk area filled with trundle beds. There is a large waterfront yard with a dock, outdoor eating and sitting areas, a playground area for the kids, all kinds of floating objects (motor and people powered), a large hot tub, several decks, and a large orchard with cherry, apricot, apple, plum and pear trees. It serves as a vacation location for family and friends.

Kelly, Sandy, Mary and I went to lunch in Big Fork and then, at Kelly's suggestion, Mary and I took the long way home. We attempted to drive to the top of Jewell Basin. We got within two miles before the road became impassible due to snow and ice. We managed to get the car turned around on the single lane, narrow and now icy road. We stopped for a hike on the way home.

Our drive home took us past Echo Lake, Swan Lake, Seeley Lake, Salmon Lake, the Swan River and the Blackfoot River. We saw over thirty-five deer and three elk.

This morning, the RV had an appointment to have the microwave/convection oven outlet fixed. We took it to Gull's, Boat, RV, Ski, Snowboard Shop and Dive Center. I know the name leaves a little bit to be desired, but they have a topnotch service department and we needed a topnotch service department because we had a topnotch issues. Within two hours the following had been done to the RV:

"Found microwave inoperable, tested outlet. Found no power to outlet. Pulled cover on breaker box and tested breaker is good 118 VAC. Pulled microwave outlet and checked wiring is good. Microwave is in slide out so checked wiring under unit slide. Checked all wiring and it looks good. Traced wiring to behind fireplace. Pulled fireplace and found the ROMX quick connector was broke. Cut and rewire with a junction box, tested good. Put everything back together. Refastened trim & resealed shower. Adjusted compartment door lock, used Loctite and tightened."

While we were waiting for the RV, we went to breakfast at the Laughing Grizzly Bar and Casino (you know you are in Montana when you can get breakfast at the bar and casino). Mary had finally found a buyer for my old road bike on the Missoula Craigslist who met us at the Laughing Grizzly. Mary had tried to sell the bike in Asheville without any luck and against my wishes insisted we bring it to Missoula to sell it. Even after all my complaining about her bringing it all the way across the country, she handed me all the money she got for the bike. Mary was called to come into work today so we quickly took the RV back to the RV park and Mary went to work for her first workday in Missoula. She loves REI and was thrilled to be called in one day before she was scheduled to start work.