Sunny Bend

Bend claims to have three hundred days of sunshine a year. I am hoping this is true, because Bend is certainly beautiful when the sun is shining. We have been in Bend for a week and a half. We have been filling our onboard fresh water tank and unhooking the RV park water each night because of freezing temperatures. Mary did not want to winterize our water hose until September and has steadfastly insisted that it is going to get warmer.

Today we winterized our water hose. Winterizing a water hose is not the easiest project. First we had to go get the materials. Then we wrapped a twenty-five foot hose in aluminum foil (foil will conduct heat - the hose will not). Then we wrapped heat tape around the hose that is wrapped in foil. Heat tape is a heated electrical cord designed to keep pipes from freezing. Next we encased the hose, foil and heat tape in pipe insulation and seal all that up. Then we connected one end of the hose to the RV park water source (which is already winterized) and the other to the RV and wrapped both ends in insulation. We turned on the water to check for leaks and fixed those. Finally we plugged up the heat tape. Hopefully the water does not freeze. Freezing temperatures at night continue through the month of May in central Oregon.

Moxie has developed an ugly rash on her neck. She is bad about rolling in stuff when we are out hiking and we think she has rolled in something she is allergic to. Her hair has fallen out where the rash is. We are taking a wait and see attitude for now. We are putting antibiotic ointment on it and giving her Benadryl. We washed her collar and keep it off of her when she is in the house. If it does not get better, we will take her to the vet.

I got a new camera. It is waterproof, freeze proof and shock proof. Hopefully it takes me a few years to tear it up.