We're Going to Bend!!!

Bend REI
We are going to Bend!!! I am very, very excited. Bend has sunshine three hundred days a year. Summers are cool, spring and fall are short, and winter is long and cold. Based on climate data that I can find on the Internet, from December through February we can expect extended periods of time with temperatures well below freezing. We had a few nights that were pretty cold in Boise, but no extended periods below freezing. Other people live in RVs year-round in Bend and I am sure we will figure out how to stay warm, keep water flowing, and dump sewage before winter arrives. Bend has hiking, biking (road, greenbelt & mountain), kayaking, and all the snowsports - I am sooooo excited.

Now that we know for sure that we are going to Bend, I will attempt to find people in Bend that might be able to provide us with some insight about RV parks in the area. Looking online, I was able to find two parks. I suspect there are others that do not have websites. Of the two I could find, one is located in a residential area and is expensive. It appears to be very nice (small storage unit at each site, hot tub, club house, exercise room, tennis court, dog run) and have plenty of space between RV sites. The second is located in a more industrial area and appears to be your basic RV park (bathrooms, laundry facilities, picnic table and that is about it for amenities) - nothing special, but clean and safe with less space between RV’s. The second one is almost $200 a month cheaper than the first one. Both are an easy bike ride to REI. Two hundred dollars a month is $2400.00 a year - that’s a mini vacation.

After the RV explosion in Boise (if you don’t know what I am referring to check out the blog entries about the explosion), I like the idea of having lots of space between us and the neighbors. I would really like to find an RV park that screens residents to make sure they do not have suicidal tendencies, but I doubt that is going to happen, so our best option is lots of space between RVs. Looking at both parks on Google Earth and photos that are on the Internet, I like the looks of the more expensive one best (surprise, surprise), however the second park appears to be acceptable and some of the sites look to be quite large.