A Full Day

We got in a full day of driving today - the first full day we have had on this trip (I consider 500 miles to be a full day). I hope Nebraska has sone beautiful area, because I would hate to think the whole state looks and smells like the part of the state that I-70 runs through. We stopped at a rest area that was so dusty and had so much litter that we did not stay to rest. The next rest area was slightly better - well actually it was a lot better, but as far as rest areas go, it was still below average. I was glad to cross the Wyoming state line. Wyoming has scenery to look at and it doesn’t smell.

We stopped for fuel in Laramie at the same truck stop we stopped at in February 2010 or 2011. I remember the truck stop well. It was early afternoon, snowing and below zero. There was a ratty looking motel and the truck stop. We had the RV, truck and SUV. It was too cold for us to try to sleep in the RV without hookups - we would freeze to death. Neither of us could imagine staying in the motel. The next town, Rawlins was a hundred miles away. I check motels in Rawlins. The Hampton Inn had one room left - we reserved it.

Back on the road, conditions rapidly worsened. The wind was howling and snow was blowing so that we could barely see the road. Snow and ice were accumulating on the road. 18-wheelers were all over the road. Many hours later we arrived in Rawlins. The interstate was closed shortly after we arrived and was closed all the next day. Today, driving over that same stretch of road, I wonder how we made it. The road climbed up and down mountains and there where high wind warning signs everywhere. The scenery was beautiful today.

We went to dinner tonight to celebrate a full day on the road. We are about a day and a half from Boise, ID. By the way, the photos are all taken in Wyoming - not in Nebraska.