Spring Snow Storm

Friday Mary wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt to work. Moxie and I walked in the woods without a jacket. During the night a storm moved in. The wind howled and the RV rocked. Saturday morning we awoke to a snow/sleet mix. The temperature did not get above freezing all day, the wind gusted up to fifty miles per hour and the snow/sleet mixture fell all day. The RV groaned and shuddered when large heavy clumps of sleet and snow fell onto the roof from the overhanging trees. Moxie did not want to go out and I sure did not want to take her, but we had to go. Walking in the woods in very close to whiteout conditions with sleet and snow stinging my face did not make for a long walk. By nightfall we had about six inches of a wet icy mess. Before going to bed, the wind calmed and the precipitation subsided.

Sunday morning (today), we woke to sunshine. The storm left as quickly as it came. Moxie and I headed out for our morning walk. We saw deer, elk and jack rabbit tracks in the snow. Since sleet was not pelting us Moxie got a longer walk. I took some pictures and looked for animal tracks. On our way back to the RV, a few of our neighbors were out trying to get their water unfrozen. I did not remove the heat tape and insulation from our hose when we left Bend so our water did not freeze.

After walking Moxie, I decided it was time to check out the coffee shop that is next door to the RV park. I took our travel mugs and headed to the coffee shop. The wind was blowing so hard it was difficult to walk. (Some people have told me that the wind is always bad in Flagstaff others have told me it is only bad in the spring). As I walked up to the coffee shop I notice that the neon open sign in the window was not on. I decided to see if there were hours on the door. Well.... the coffee shop must have closed down leaving all it signs outside and along the road. The windows were covered with white and green sheers. The door had a sign that read “Medical Marijuana Green Pharmacy”. Guess we won’t be getting coffee there - besides that, they don’t open till 11:00 and that’s a little late for coffee. I came home, made me some chai and turned on the coffee pot for Mary then I looked up the pharmacy on the internet. It is legit - if you are a student, you can get a 10% discount with your student ID.

This weekend is the grand opening for the Flagstaff REI. I took Mary to work Friday, Saturday and will also take her today because there are huge crowds and no designated employee parking. Mary said they are very busy the first hour in the morning and then things slow down. REI gave away water bottles with gift cards inside and t-shirts each morning. People camped out in front of the store Thursday and Friday night (an old REI tradition that most towns/cities have stopped). REI served breakfast to the over eight hundred people waiting in line each morning.