One Week From Today

One week from today we will be on the road. We had hoped for nice weather this week so we would be warm and dry loading bikes and boats onto the car and truck, packing the final things into the RV, checking tires and adding air as needed, etc. but it doesn’t look as if that is going to happen. This morning the weather man said it is going to be twenty degrees below normal.

Last night we decided to put our winter sleeping bags in the RV rather than packing them. Staying in a motel while traveling across country is always an option, however we both feel that our “stuff” is safer if we sleep in the RV. Our decision is to stay in the RV as long as it is not suppose to get below thirty degrees.

This morning I packed up the wii game and a few other things to take over to the RV. We don’t have a whole lot of stuff left to go inside the RV. We still have bikes, boats, camping gear (it is packed - just has to be loaded into the truck), ski & snowboard gear (ready to be loaded into the skybox once it is on top of the car), kayak paddles, guitar, drums, and other stuff I don’t know about that Mary will want to take.

We ran errands and took stuff to the RV. While at the RV, we check tire air pressure and topped of the tires. I thought we were going to freeze to death while doing this. This is one of the skills we learned after we started RVing. We have an air compressor and a gauge that checks air pressure on big vehicle tires. We also brought the truck home so we can load bikes and boats on top of the cab.

In addition to packing there are things that must be done at the house before we leave and as I anticipated, our once open calendar is filling up so it is going to be a full week.

It’s sad not having Shadow around. Moxie is really struggling. She looks and looks for her. We are giving Moxie extra attention.