Goodbye to North Carolina

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Wow!! We have been in North Carolina for over a year - we spent about five and a half months in Creedmoor, a month on vacation in Glacier National Park, and the remainder of the time at our house in Fairview. When we left Boise in February 2012, we planned to return to Boise that summer. Sometimes things just don’t happen as planned.

We have certainly accomplished a lot while in North Carolina, we had some major upgrades done in the house, had some trees cut from the yard, spent lots of time with friends and best of all we spent a lot of time with family.

There are many things that I will miss about North Carolina. The biggest thing is being within driving distance of family and friends. The hardest thing about living a nomadic life is leaving family and friends behind. We are very grateful for technology that allows us to see family on the computer and we like knowing that we can catch a plane to anywhere if we feel like we need to.

Despite lousy weather most of the time we have been in Fairview, we did have some nice days when we got outside to kayak, bike and hike. The North Carolina mountains are beautiful. I tend to take them for granted as one often does with things that they grew up with.

As always, leaving is bittersweet. There is always a mixture of sadness and excitement. I feel sad for a few days before we leave and for about the first hundred miles of the journey and then excitement takes over.

Things I will miss in no particular order:
  • our new jetted tub
  • our wood burning fireplace
  • our lovely screened in deck
  • seeing the flowers bloom in our yard
  • seeing the laurel and rhododendron bloom in Pisgah National Forest
  • our house
  • ice - we do not have an ice maker in the RV
  • most of all, as I have already mentioned, family & friends