Grand Canyon National Park

Moxie and I got up and went for our usual morning walk. We are still trying to find our way around the maze of national forest trails behind the RV park. We generally walk about a mile and a half or two miles exploring before trying to find our way back home. Finding our way is pretty easy. Mt. Elden is to our west, the sunrise and RV park is east, the Grand Canyon is north and Flagstaff south. I just select trails that are going the direction I want to go. This morning we went west, then south, then north, and finally back east to home.

After our walk, Mary and I decided to go to the Grand Canyon for the day. We spent a few hours checking out the overlooks and taking photos. When it came time to head home, we decided to ignore the GPS and go home the scenic route. This time ignoring the GPS was a good decision. We drove by and stopped at several overlooks which are not covered by the park service’s buses. We also created a few overlooks of our own. At one of the self-made overlooks, we saw a female elk. We walked around a corner and there she was. We immediately froze not wanting to startle her. Within a few minutes, she looked up, saw us and headed in the other direction. We visited The Indian Watchtower at Desert View. The watchtower was very interesting and we spent quite a bit of time exploring in and around it. After leaving the Grand Canyon, we drove alongside the Painted Desert for miles and miles.