Final Weeks in Bend, Oregon

Our time in Bend is coming down to the wire. We are to the point where every minute with friends is precious and everything we do is spectacular. In addition to playing and spending time with friends, we are also packing and getting the RV ready to go to Flagstaff. Getting the RV ready to go is a little more complex than usual because of the extra things we did to keep the RV warm and water flowing in below zero temperatures.

Within the last week, we have skied/snowboarded, hiked and gone on adventures .We define an adventure as going looking for something that we know is there but have not been able to find. Our latest adventure involves finding Arnold Ice Cave. We have found two other caves and lots of other interesting things, but we still have not found Arnold Ice Cave. We have also had breakfast with friends, lunch with friends, dinner with friends, coffee with friends and happy hour with friends. While all these are wonderful activities, they are making me sad because I know all of this is going to end very soon.

We have started preparing the RV and all our toys for our next trip. I pretty much take care of getting the RV ready to go and Mary takes care of all the toys. I like to go through every cabinet, drawer and closet and see if there are things we no longer need and can get rid of before we move the RV. I also like to make sure everything is squeaky clean. Mary likes to make sure all toys are in working order and are packed / loaded in a way that will protect them as much as possible while we are traveling. Moxie gets very nervous when all these preparations start taking place. Moxie is probably going to miss Bend as much as we are going to miss Bend.

We use a GPS in each vehicle and all information is loaded in each GPS before we leave. We put in RV parks and places we might want to stop along the way into the GPS. We also set the one that goes in the truck to route us based on the size and height of the RV so that we don’t end up in a place we cannot get out of.

We have an appointment for the RV to be checked before we leave town. I think we may need new shocks or springs based on following it and watching it on our way to Bend. The repair place will also check such things as caulking and the slide outs to make sure everything is as it should be. That will happen on Wednesday, April 2. Depending on what they find and how long any needed repairs take we may leave Bend that afternoon. If repairs take a lot of time or pieces have to be ordered, it could be several days before we leave.