Glacier National Park - Day 6

While I was being seen by the nurse at the Glacier Park Clinic, Mary called a truck repair place in Kalispell to see if they could fix our water pump. The gentleman she talked to told her to be there between nine and ten Friday morning. We arrived at the truck repair shop at 9:30. The owner told Mary they could not take any more jobs today. Mary told them that she had called and was told to bring it in Friday. Fortunately the guy she talked with was there. The owner fussed at him and then the gentleman Mary had talked with called his friend, Larry, who’s shop was about twenty minutes south and he said he could work ont it. We put the address in the GPS and headed south.

As we entered the town of Kalispell, there was a sign saying “Parade Route”, and all the citizens of Kalispell were lined up along the street for the parade. Instead of focusing on driving through this crowded area, Mary rolled down the truck windows and waived to all the people as if she were on a float. I did not find this humorous since we were in bumper to bumper traffic and little kids were running everywhere. After being fussed at by me and completing the parade route, Mary needed a cup of coffee. We stopped at a gas station where I was able to pick up wifi and publish to the blog.

We drove to the friend’s place. When we got there, the owner told us that Larry had gotten in a fight with the boss the day before and had quit. Mary called the gentleman at the first place back. He called Larry again and told Mary that Larry was on his way. We waited about half an hour - no Larry. We called the second place Good Sam had recommended - the phone was out of service. We waited a bit longer. The owner of the shop came out and told us a few other places to call. Mary called them while I called Good Sam Roadside Service to tell them what happened. The gentleman I talked to called several other places. After he told the owner of a large equipment repair shop what had happened, the owner of the shop said to send us on over and he would have someone at least look at it. As we pulled into the Caterpillar repair shop the man that Good Sam had talked with on the phone came out to meet us. He told us they did not do RV repair work, but he had a guy that was very good.

Two hours later, our water pump was working and we were on the road heading to Fish Creek Campground on the west side of Glacier. The roads in Fish Creek are narrower than the roads in Two Medicine and the campsite parking spots are much narrower. Mary pulled into our site with less than six inches of space on each side of the RV. With a little maneuvering she had us level and located where both slides could be extended in a matter of seconds.

This campground nor the one at Two Medicine have showers. Tonight we will be able to shower in the RV. At the last campground we were very close to the bathhouse, we are not even in sight of a bathhouse at this campground (we didn’t even see one driving in). It’s nice to know that we now have hot and cold running water.

All’s well that ends well.