Asheville (actually Fairview)

Thursday we drove to a campground in Newport, TN. On the way we stopped at a White Castle so I could get some hamburgers. We used to get White Castle burgers when we visited my grandparents in Kentucky - I thought they were the best thing I had ever eaten. Now that I am older, I suppose my taste buds have changed, because they just aren’t as good as when I was a child. None-the-less, I still have to have a few burgers every time I travel past a White Castle.

Thursday evening and Friday morning we cleaned up and prepared the RV for storage before heading on to Asheville. We arrived in Asheville Friday afternoon. We took the RV to George’s StorMor where we park it when it is not being used. The end of July, we made a trip to George’s StorMor to make sure we had a spot reserved for the RV. They took down all the info, made copies of vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, and insurance cards. They gave us a gate code and supposedly activated it so we could get into the RV lot. They even set up monthly payments on my credit card.

Having dealt with George’s several times before, I called Friday morning to let them know we would be coming in that afternoon to leave our RV. I talked with the manager who could not find any info indicating that site #885 was rented to us. In fact, he had rented site #885 to someone else. He said that was no problem we could have site #886. He also could not find that a gate code had been activated for us so he gave us his gate code so we could get into the lot.

Site #886 really isn’t a site - it is a sloped area beyond the last site which is site #885. We looked at the site and I called Don (the manager) and told him that the space beyond site #885 was not acceptable. He said he would come up and look. The only other sites he had available were site #870 and #871, but they were short for both the RV and truck. After some discussion, Don decided that he could rent us both sites for the same cost as the one long site we had reserved and we could park the RV & truck side-by-side (I had the paper work showing that we had reserved site #885 in July).

By the time we got the RV parked in space #870, redid all the paperwork required to rent an RV space, and took a couple of loads of to the house it was time to meet Kyle, Katie & Taylor for pizza. By this time we were both sweaty and dirty so we took quick showers, threw a first load of laundry in the washer and went to dinner.

We will spend the next few days getting stuff done (such as laundry, washing the truck, putting stuff away, going to the grocery, etc) and transitioning back into the house.