We woke up to a nasty weather report. A high today in the low thirties, wind and snow showers. The day has lived up to it’s potential. We drove up to Mt. Bachelor and to Moxie’s delight we discovered that they had a special area for dogs to play in the snow. Moxie ran around and had a great time. I think the dog play area might be a small lake in the summer, but for now it was solid ice covered with lots of snow. Bend is suppose to be the most dog friendly town in America and I must admit that I have seen more dog parks since we arrived that I have ever seen in one city. While at Mt. Bachelor we checked out the skiing & snowboarding. They will be open for skiing and snowboarding until at least May 26th.

On our way back to town we stopped at Pilot Butte Drive-In for lunch. Pilot Butte Drive-In is not a drive-in with carhops on roller skates, it is a diner. We ordered sandwiches and an order of onion rings to share. We should have ordered a sandwich to share - the sandwiches were huge and were served with a steak knife sticking in the middle of them. I brought half of mine home.

Our next stop was Trader Joe’s. Mary had never been to a Trader Joe’s. Even though we both were stuffed we bought more food for dinner this evening. It’s 6:30 and neither of us are hungry - still full from too much lunch.

For a cold snowy mid-April day, today was a pretty good day. For those of you who haven’t called or emailed to ask, we are not cold in the RV. We have heat just like you have in your house - in fact our heat in the RV is actually better than our heat at home. We have an electric heat pump at home and we have a propane furnace in the RV. It is cozy in the RV - I’m sitting on the couch drinking a root beer, Mary is in her office working on her computer and Moxie is snoozing in the floor.