RV Friends

One of the nice things about RVing is that we meet a lot of people. Most of those people are quickly forgotten or remain acquaintances, a few become friends and some become special friends that we stay in touch with and make an effort to reconnect with in other places and at other times. Two of those friends came to Flagstaff this week. Our friendship picked up right where it left off in Bend, OR.

We spent the week checking out sites in Northern Arizona during the day and having happy hour each evening. Our week together was pretty much one continuous adventure. We hiked, visited the Northern Arizona Museum, Flagstaff Arboretum, Indian Watchtower at Desert View, and marveled at the beauty and vastness of the Grand Canyon. In the evenings we gathered at one of our RVs to solve the world’s problems and solidify our friendship. It was a fun week filled with adventure and laughter.