Bend, Oregon

My head injury has sure changed Mary’s way of life. Generally I get up a couple of hours before Mary in the morning. Moxie and I go for a long walk and get our day started. Mary drags out of bed a few hours later. Now Mary has to get up early enough to take Moxie for a walk because I am too unstable to go down the RV stairs with Moxie and I can bend over to clean up poop without getting dizzy and nauseous.

This morning I sat on the couch watching a hot air balloon while Mary did all the chores that must be done before the RV can be moved. Normally we share the chores. She has hers to do and I have mine. Not only do I have a head injury, my left thumb was dislocated and is splinted back in place and my right thigh and hip is all beat up and bruised.

Once the RV was ready to go, we headed west leaving my car and the bike I wrecked in Boise. Friends will bring the car and bike to Bend in May. It is not safe for me to drive.

The drive to Bend took about five or six hours. I slept about half the way. Bend has two RV parks. One has tons of rules (do not allow your dog to urinate on the grass, no bikes on sites, etc.) and extravagant prices, so we decided that we would check out the other park first. The other park has higher than average rates so we expected it to be acceptable. We were so wrong…. The place was scary. The site they had for us was between Jack the Ripper and Cujo. The site was dirt and the utilities were in extremely poor condition. Jack the Ripper’s and Cujo’s RVs were held together with duck tape and tarps. Both had tons of junk (as in trash and parts) all around their RV. Cujo was barking and lunging at us and I am sure he would have eaten one of our legs if he got off his chain. The site for us was in an area that looked worse than the trailer parks I had to visit in Flat Rock when I was principal. The RV park manager was amazed that we did not love the site - it was one of their best.

It did not take us long to decide that the rules at
CrownVilla might be a little more livable than we initially thought. As we pulled into CrownVilla, we knew that we had nowhere else to go. There were more rules that we ever imagined. In addition to rules, there were fines for this and that. There were also proper procedures for reporting other RVers who might be violating the rules. We were given a packet of “information” to read at our leisure this evening. Each rule and fine had to be initialed by both of us (there were three pages of single space typed rules and fines). The good news is, the place while very expensive, appears clean and safe.

We set up the RV according to the rules - as best we could. It is cold and suppose to be below freezing so we are not allowed to hook up our water tonight (we put water in our onboard water tank for the evening). According to the rules, no hookups are allowed to run along the ground - tomorrow we will have to rig a way to run it along the underside of the RV so it does not touch the ground. Our electric cord, cable tv cord, nor sewage hose run along the ground.

One thing is for sure, we are going to have to live by the rules no matter how silly or stupid we think they are; we cannot afford to get thrown out - there is nowhere for us to go. This park is not as nice as either of the one we were at in Boise and costs over three times as much during the summer months.

I think my brain is getting better each day, but I am not sure. I have discovered that my memory is not very good at all. I lose entire days and forget that I have seen or talked with people. It’s kinda scary. I think I am doing well, but the evidence does not support that.