Some of the Reasons we Love Boise

We have been in Boise for about six months now. This is our second time in Boise (we were here for twelve months four years ago) and we are still amazed at all Boise has to offer.

One of the first things we noticed about Boise is the low cost of living. Our spot at the RV park is less than half the cost of a similar spot in other places we have visited and the park has more amenities. RV parks generally charge long-term RVers for electricity. Everywhere we have been except for Boise increase the price per kilowatt and often charge fees for reading the meter. It is not uncommon for our electric bill to be $150 a month in other RV parks. In Boise, we are charged the price the RV park pays for electricity and there are no added fees. Our electric bill here (in a larger RV with an electric fireplace that turn on when it is the least bit cool) has never been over $30. The RV park has propane and provides large tanks for long-term RVers to use. The park staff pick up, fill, return and hook propane tanks to the RV rather than having the RVers do this. Like the electric, the propane prices are unbelievably low (less than half of what we have paid in other places and there are no extra charges for filling tanks, etc.). I have trouble understanding the inequity, but it is sure one of the reasons we love Boise.

Another thing that impacts our cost of living in Boise is grocery prices. We can get lobster tails on sale for $3.99 . While I am constantly aware that we spend significantly less at the grocery store in Boise, it really hit home the day I passed up buying lobster tails because they were their regular price of $4.99 each instead of being on sale for $3.99.

Mary loves the Boise REI. Many of the people who were working there when we were here four years ago are still there. Returning to the Boise REI was comfortable - just like it was four years ago. Even though Boise is a large city, customers remember Mary. We can be out places and people come over to talk to her about something she sold them or something they are wanting to get and want to know when she will be working. Mary reports that customers at the Boise REI are very appreciative for assistance.

Boise is the only city I know that owns a non-profit ski area. Bogus Basin is much is larger than any local ski area I am aware of and bigger than some resorts. The cost for an annual pass is less than $300. Boise has miles and miles of greenbelt for biking, jogging and walking. The Boise River runs through town and the city parks have tubes for people to float the river and a shuttle to return them to their cars. The Ridge to Rivers trail system starts on the edge of town with over a hundred and ninety miles of trials for hiking and biking. There are world class rivers for kayaking and rafting and hot springs within an hour of town. Boise has yurts in the national forest and state parks that people can rent for the night. Access to the yurts is by snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking or biking. Boise offers a variety of arts and cultural events (concerts, Broadway shows, dance performances, symphony, all kinds of festivals, etc.) There is an art museum, a zoo and numerous beautiful and well equipped city parks.

I have found a large pickleball community in Boise and play four to five days most weeks. I have found a new hobby at Boise Art Glass where I make beautiful hand blown glass bowls, vases, etc. with the assistance of a professional for a very reasonable price. I have made many hand blown pieces.

We find people in Boise to be very friendly, polite and respectful of others. Drivers are courteous and watch out and yield for pedestrians and bikers. There is a very strong feeling of community here. We have made many friends in Boise.

Boise has two large hospital systems, an international airport with direct flights to many major cities, a university and several small colleges. It is pretty much gridlock free when it comes to traffic. The climate is mild with four seasons and there are lots of sunny days (averaging 206 sunny days per year). Boise is one of the safest cities in the country. Idaho has the second lowest crime rate in the US (Utah is #1). Boise has the right balance of city amenities and outdoor opportunities. In my opinion it has all the requirements to make it a wonderful place for families and retirees. What is not to love???