Glacier National Park - Day 14

We really wanted to get a camping site in Many Glaciers Campground. Yesterday the camp host suggested that we try between 7:00 and 7:30 this morning. While the trip from St Mary’s to Many Glacier is only about twenty-two miles it take almost an hour to drive. We left the RV parked in St. Mary and drove the truck to Many Glacier.

We drove through the campground looking for people that appeared to be packing up to leave. We found a young couple packing up. I jumped out of the truck and asked it they were leaving. They were and they suggested that we go ahead and pull into their site behind their car and get an occupied tag on the site number pole. We did this and then started trying to determine if the RV would fit into the site. Many Glacier campsites are wooded and small. We determined that the RV might go in the site but it was going to take some work. We reserved the site for one night only just in case we could not get the RV in the site.

That taken care of, we headed back to St Mary to get the RV. A moose decided to cross the road right in front of us. Fortunately Mary was paying close attention and was able to get the truck stopped (of course we were going less than twenty miles an hour at that time because the road is so bad). Back in St Mary’s, we packed everything up, hitched up and were on our way in just a few minutes.

We talked about the plan for attempting to get the RV into the Many Glacier campsite on the trip back to Many Glaciers. Obstacles included, trees, low overhanging branches, large landscape rocks and an unlevel driveway. In addition the parking area is too small for both the RV and the truck to fit. Also, the turn into the site was too tight so Mary was going to attempt to back the RV into place. There was very little maneuvering room in which to do this. Other than these things, the site is perfect.

By the time we returned with the RV, the campground host had cut some of the low hanging branches in an attempt to make room for us to get into the site without destroying our roof. It did not take very long for Mary to get the RV into the site. However, having the RV on the site and having it on the site to suit Mary are two very different things. After many small adjustments (which mean pulling out of the site, adjusting the angle of the truck and rv, and backing in again - like fifteen or twenty times), Mary finally determined that the location of the RV was good. Now we had to deal with leveling the RV and getting in just the right spot so both slides could be put out. These two issues had to be addressed at the same time. The right wheels of the RV had to be put up on blocks and the left side of the RV had to be in just the right spot in order for the sides not to hit trees. After a few attempts, we had the right wheels on blocks and the slides between trees so they could be opened. We unhitched, did our chores, locked the bikes to the picnic table, hung the hammocks and headed back to St Mary’s to cancel our reservation there and to hike to a few waterfalls.

At the St Mary campground, the ranger told us congratulations on getting into Many Glacier and because we were canceling before noon we would not be charged for that night (generally when canceling there is a penalty fee of one night cost). Because Many Glacier is three dollars less per night than St Mary we will actually save money. Many Glacier. In my opinion Many Glacier is the best area in Glacier National Park. Apparently many others agree because it is very hard to get into the campground, lodge or motel that are here.

After canceling our St Mary reservation, we headed up Going to the Sun Road to the St. Mary’s Falls pullout. We hiked to both St. Mary’s and Virginia Falls. Even Mary who is very hard to impress (everything is ok or good) thought the falls were beautiful.

Back in Many Glacier, we fixed dinner and sat outside to watch the sunset behind the mountain.