The Decision to Buy

In 2012 we decided that it was time to either look for a new RV, stop RVing full-time, or spend a lot of money on the SeaBreeze and still be lacking features that we wanted / needed. The 2001 SeaBreeze lacks the new electronic things that make RVing easier and safer. We looked and looked and looked at new RVs. All were larger than the SeaBreeze (we did not want larger). All had more floor space and amenities that would make driving, setting up, and performing routine maintenance easier and safer (we wanted all of those things). Many had a fireplace, two TVs, a bathroom that was not in the hall, and tons of outdoor storage. None had the indoor storage space the SeaBreeze had. None had a desk in the bedroom. None had a large second closet. None had..... the list went on and on. Trading the SeaBreeze was going to mean making too many compromises so we continued to look everywhere we went across the country.

After living in an RV and in RV parks, we were much more prepared to buy a second RV. We knew what to look for and what we did not want. All our looking made us realize we were going to have to give up some of the things we love about the SeaBreeze to get the features and amenities we wanted in a new RV. We made a list of absolute must haves in a new RV:
  • 6 pt leveling system;
  • the ability to carry over 3000 lbs of cargo;
  • four-season insulation;
  • microwave convection oven;
  • electric-gas refrigerator (not just electric);
  • a battery disconnect and the ability to have a solar panel installed.

As we looked, we kept coming back to Cedar Creeks by Forest River. Unfortunately many of them had residential refrigerators (electric only - this means the refrigerator only works when plugged in at an RV park. We stay in places that do not have electricity). Some had a dishwasher or a washer & dryer (both space wasters in our mind). Some had what is called theater seating and we just don’t like it. All of them were longer than what we wanted. Even with all these things, the Cedar Creek was clearly the favorite of what we were finding.

The Cedar Creek 32RL is built for four-season travel and is well made. It has all the things on our must have list and many other things we want. The only things missing in the Cedar Creek 32RL are indoor storage, a second closet, and a desk in the bedroom. We think we can work around these things. The dining room will become the office with the table as the desk. The kitchen island will become the kitchen table with two bar stools. The basement is massive - we will store out of season clothing in tubs in the basement instead of keeping them inside the RV. We will cut down on the number of dishes, glasses, utensils, pots & pans, etc. that we kept in the kitchen. We will eliminate some of the extras we stored in the hall storage area. We will gain a fireplace; a larger TV and a second TV in the bedroom; more outdoor storage; a backup camera; six point leveling system; a centralized utility bay; a bathroom that is actually a room rather than the hall; an electric awning; a walk-in closet; and many more things. Mary will have two comfortable recliners and I will have all the things you can’t see or don’t notice initially that should be in a well made RV to keep from having problems later.

In addition to all that, Tom Johnson Camping Center made us a deal that would have been very hard to turn down and they promised to sell the SeaBreeze to someone who will love it just as much as we do. They also agreed to do all the things we wanted done to make the RV more livable for us. Things such as a large solar panel, extra-heavy duty batteries, hdmi hookups inside the media cabinet, a phone jack for DSL internet when we are in RV parks, an antenna booster for when we are not in RV parks with cable TV, etc. Tom Johnson Camping Center will have us stay in their RV park for three days when we take possession of the RV. While we are there, they will teach us how to operate all the new systems and equipment. They will make sure the truck is setup for optimal towing of the Cedar Creek (there are adjustments that need to be made for towing different RVs based on height, weight, etc. of the RV), and they will fix anything that we find that needs fixed.

The decision to buy a new RV was not easy because it involved the decision to trade in the SeaBreeze.