A New RV!!!

We have been looking for a replacement RV for our beloved 2001 SeaBreeze 5th wheel for about two years. We could not find anything that did not require compromises that we were unwilling to make. Those compromised included quality of appliances, cabinets, countertops, etc; interior storage space; insulation; amenities, etc.

We looked a long time before finding the SeaBreeze and ended up getting a top-of-the-line RV very inexpensively for our first RV. While that certainly worked well for us, it has made looking for a new RV very challenging - nothing seemed to be as good as our SeaBreeze. The 2001 SeaBreeze has more storage and more amenities than 99+% of the RVs we have looked at. Not only that, we only paid $17,000 for the Sea Breeze and anything even close to the quality of the Sea Breeze cost over five times that much.

When we returned to North Carolina this summer we took the SeaBreeze to Tom Johnson Camping Center for some maintenance and when we went to pick it up we decided to look at new RVs. As fate would have it, we ran into the cousin of the salesman (Duncan) who sold us the SeaBreeze. Duncan had climbed up the corporate ladder and was no longer selling RVs to people who happened to be walking around the sales lot looking at RVs. Richard, Duncan’s cousin, is the RV salesman we happened to talk with and while we were sitting in the Cedar Creek 32RL living room talking with Richard he somehow realized who we were and knew that his cousin Duncan had sold us the SeaBreeze. Richard took us to see Duncan and we talked with Duncan about replacing the SeaBreeze.

We had looked at Cedar Creeks before (on the other side of the country). They are good looking all built RVs and have lots of nice features. Unfortunately all the ones we had looked at had something that was a deal breaker. Tom Johnson had a Cedar Creek model we had not seen, the 32RL. While the Cedar Creek does not have some of the amenities we have in the SeaBreeze, it has many features that we really like.

To make a long story short, after a couple of days of negotiating with Duncan and Richard we became the proud owners of a new Cedar Creek 32RL. In order to make the Cedar Creek comparable to our SeaBreeze there are several things that have to be done before we take possession of it. It is currently in the shop having these things done. We will take possession in about two weeks. Stay tuned for photos and more info.