Farewell to Boise

We have spent an extended time in a lot of place and enjoyed all of them. Boise is special in many ways. Of all the places we have been, we have made more friends in Boise. Boise offers all the things we look for in a place to settle down for a while - mountain biking, skiing / snowboarding, hiking, kayaking. Boise also offers much more. Mary has found a group of musicians to play guitar with, I have found an awesome pickleball club to play with and I have discovered glass blowing. Mary enjoys working at any REI, but her favorite store is the Boise store. I have volunteered for some fantastic organizations that give so much to the community. And we both have met some fabulous people.

I always write a Farewell to __________ when we are relocating, but writing a farewell to Boise just doesn't seem right. We will return to Boise (this is second extended stay here and the only place we have returned to for a second time). So instead of saying farewell to Boise, I am going to write about some of the people who have made a huge difference in our time here.

Nick & Tami of Simply Pickleball worked with me to improve my pickleball game through multiple private lessons, free on court coaching while I played with others, and unbelievable support and encouragement. I suppose Nick will always be in my head when I am on a pickleball court. Every time I screw up I can hear Nick saying, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Everytime I am waiting for a ball to be served, I hear Nick telling me where I need to hit it. He is in my head giving me tips and helping me focus the whole time I am on the court. Thanks to Tami and Nick, I am no longer intimidated to play with better players. My skill and confidence have improved tremendously.

Fliip of Boise Art Glass showed me the joy of working with molten glass. I didn't have a clue that I would enjoy glass blowing or what beautiful things I could create. His instruction, assistance, guidance and patience have resulted in many beautiful original pieces of glass. Who would have ever had a clue?!?!?

The managers at Boise REI have made every day Mary goes to work a spectacular day. She is very appreciative of their leadership, how they run the store, their product knowledge, and how they interact with customers and employees. She is very grateful for her colleagues and friends at REI who make work and play exciting.

Last but certainly not least we are both very thankful for all our Boise friends and the good times we have had with each one. Sue ( is keeping kayaks and ski / snowboard gear in her garage for us while we are gone. That will make us lighter and less weight means better gas mileage. It also assures that we will be coming back to Boise before the 2016-17 ski season begins.

So long for now, Boise. See you in 2018.