Trader Joe's

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you and you do not shop there, you are missing out. We bought some frozen almond croissants from Trader Joe’s because we both love almond croissants. We put them out to rise for several hours and then cooked them. They were delicious. You will not find the name brands that you see on TV at Trader Joe’s, nor will you find a huge store. Trader Joe’s carries a wide variety of products and everything we have gotten from Trader Joe’s has been great. Not only does Trader Joe’s have great products, it has low prices. If you haven’t been to Trader Joe’s or if you have been and were afraid to try things because you had not heard of the brand, do yourself a favor and try Trader Joe’s - everything is good and if you want some new recipes, you can find them on the Trader Joe’s website.

We did a little exploring yesterday and today. We drove to Sister’s yesterday. Many of the roads and trails around Sister’s are still closed because of snow. We found a place to hike around a lake and then went to Bronco Billy’s Saloon for a late lunch. Sister’s has a population of 2000 and it appears that everyone in town must own a restaurant or a small store.

Today we went to Tumalo State Park and hiked along the river. We also drove into Deschutes National Forest just to see what we could find.

Thoughts: In Idaho, Montana, Oregon and perhaps other places that I do not know about, when a pedestrian is walking along the sidewalk and turns toward the street as if wanting to cross the street, traffic stops to let the pedestrian cross the road. In the east, a pedestrian who steps off the sidewalk into the street is taking his/her life into his/her hands. Why is this???

In Idaho, Montana, Oregon and perhaps other places, people do not seem to be in a hurry. This is true for drivers, diners, people you meet, etc. Traffic is slow moving and drivers pause to let people in. Restaurants are not in a hurry to take your order or get you your bill and the waitstaff is likely to hang out and talk with you for a while. In the grocery store, expect to wait while the cashier talks with every customer. Everyone seems to have plenty of time to be polite, friendly and wait their turn. I have always heard that people in the southeast are not in a hurry and are polite & friendly; but based on my experience people in the northwest exemplify a slower paced politer, friendlier lifestyle than the people in the southeast. Why is this???

Mary says people who shop in REI are much more polite and pleasant in Idaho and Oregon than they are in the southeast. She says customers in the southeast tend to not look up and tell her “just looking” when she speaks to them In Idaho and Oregon, when she speaks to customers, they make eye contact and respond with interest. Why is this???

I got the hospital reports from my bike wreck today. According to the reports, I was unconscious for seventy minutes, had a subarachnoid hemorrhage and was admitted as a level 3 trauma patient.

This evening we had salad and spaghetti & meatballs for dinner and warm almond croissants for desert. Tonight the low temperature is supposed to be eighteen degrees.