Relocating to Boise, ID

We left the RV and Moxie in Missoula while we were in Canada. Our plan was to drive from Banff to Missoula where we would pick up the RV and Moxie and then drive from Missoula to Boise. Both drives took longer than we anticipated and we ended up spending two nights on the road instead of one. Of course we did take the scenic route and that took a little extra time, but the drive was beautiful. In addition to that I had a flat tire on the car and it took GoodSam Roadside Assistance an hour to find someone willing to come where we were and then it took the repair person an hour and a half to get to us - I suppose that is the chance you take when you choose the "road less-traveled"

We are staying at Boise Meridian RV Resort where we stayed in a few years ago. The park, like every other RV park we have seen this year is jam packed with RVs, vehicles and people. We were fortunate that the owner saved a spot for us because the entire park is full. I think more people are living full time in RVs and more people are traveling in RVs. This park is shaped like a figure 8 with one loop being people who are here for months at a time and the other loop for people who are here for a shorter period of time. Both loops are full. Since it is mid-September I am thinking that many people in the "short time" loop are of "the long time" variety.

The Boise Meridian RV Resort is much nicer that Jim & Mary's RV Park in Missoula. First it is less than half the cost per month, the laundry is three time less than the laundry at Jim & Mary's. The staff here is very friendly compared to the staff at Jim & Mary's who didn't even speak or wave to the campers. There is an indoor pool and hot tub here, each site has a small concrete patio. The is a fenced dog area. I could go on and on listing things about this park that are better than the park in Missoula (which was the best available in Missoula) but my point is that it is much more pleasant to live in a place where you feel like you are being charged a fair price and people are friendly.