Last Day at Home

Today is our last day at home for a while. We leave for Montana in the morning - 2300 miles away. Today will be spent cleaning house, finishing loading the RV, etc. Moxie knows we are leaving soon and becomes anxious every time one of us heads toward the door. Mary is working at REI today. We will hitch up the RV after she gets off work. Before we go to bed this evening we will be ready to leave in the morning. All we will have to do in the morning is go to the RV storage lot, get in the truck and head west.

Mary is upset that we will be leaving before the flowers and shrubs in our yard bloom. As of right now the only thing blooming is the Forsythia and Vinca. Since we are leaving before many of the plants are blooming that also means we are leaving before the grass needs to be cut and for that I am thankful. Since Mary is recovering from Achilles tendon surgery I know who would be cutting the grass.

We have everything loaded in the RV and still have room for more stuff. I was amazed when I took food over for the freezer and refrigerator. There is so much more room in this refrigerator than our old one. I believe our old one was eight cubic feet and this one is twelve cubic feet. The freezer is so much larger that I decided we had enough space for ice cube trays - we never had ice in the old RV. (We opted not to have an ice maker because of issues with winterizing and the space it requires.)

In case you are wondering what we are taking with us above and beyond the things we need for everyday life, here is a list of some of the things:
  • six bicycles, helmets and shoes for bikes;
  • three kayaks, helmets and personal flotation devices for all, tubes for floating if the river is not deep enough for kayaks;
  • four sleeping bags, one tent , two hammocks, two pairs of trekking poles, multiple backpacks and other assorted hiking and back packing gear;
  • one snowboard and one pair of skis, helmets and boots for both;
  • Wii and assorted games for Wii;
  • badminton net, birdies and rackets;
  • ping-pong paddles (never know where you might find a table);
  • board games;
  • jigsaw puzzles;
  • two computers, two iPads, an iPod, multiple digital cameras (not including iPhones);
  • guitar, drums, microphone;
  • two outdoor lounge chairs, two other outdoor chairs
And we still have room………

Tonight I will build our last fire in the fireplace and take my last bath for a while. Two things I miss when RVing are a bathtub and a fireplace. The new RV has an electric fireplace and I think that will help with missing the fireplace. The only time I get to take a bath when we are living in the RV is when I house/pet sit for friends. If someone ask if I am willing to stay with their animals while they are away, my first question is, "Do you have a bathtub?"