On the Road

We spent all day driving from northwest Montana to northeast Wyoming. If you are going to be driving all day, Montana is a good state to be in. There is very little traffic and the two lane roads that are truck routes have a seventy mph speed limit. You don’t pass through very many small towns (if any) so you can really put some miles behind you.

We have learned that it is much quicker and more convenient when traveling to spend the night in a Walmart parking lot or at a truck stop that has overnight RV parking that is separate from the overnight truck parking than spending the night in a campground. Walmarts and truckstops are generally close to the route we are traveling and have food options nearby. Neither require maneuvering the RV into a parking spot - just pull up and stop. Campgrounds on the other hand generally are located off our route, do not have food options except for us to cook, and require maneuvering the RV to get it into a campsite. Plus you have to deal with checking in, which requires filling out paper work, etc.

We are spending the night in the Sheridan, WY Walmart parking lot with about forty other RVs. After arriving, we walked to a grocery store to pick up some fresh fruit, then walked to dinner, and finally went to Walmart to get a new sewer hose for the RV (ours is getting old and it is not something we want to have a problem with).

This particular Walmart has more overnight RVs than I have ever seen in a Walmart parking lot at one time. It has a huge parking lot on one side of the building where they ask the RVs to park and that is where we are. Spending the night while on the road is different than camping. When spending the night you do not unhitch the RV from the truck, or unhitch a car that is being towed. You do not pull out the lawn chairs or bicycles. You simply open the RV slides (if there is room) so that there is walking room inside the RV. in the morning you get up, get dressed & ready for the day, fix breakfast or at least a hot drink, close the slides and head out.

Initially I worried about safety in Walmart parking lots, but we have never had any issues. We have an iPhone app that identifies Walmarts near you and dials their phone number so you can ask about parking overnight. It’s great for RVers and builds customer loyalty for Walmart.