Mary's First Day at Bend REI

Today was Mary’s first day of work at the Bend, REI. She said the store is really nice as are all the people (employees and customers). She had a very good day and learned that the Bend REI employees ski and snowboard free at Mt. Bachelor.

Moxie and I were left at home unsupervised today. We worked around the house and went for a long walk in the natural area that adjoins the RV park. Moxie is enjoying have the natural area where she can run around and smell all the smells.

We have had snow for four days and four nights - no schools closed and everyone went to work… we are not in the south anymore. Mary decided we needed to go to Dairy Queen for ice cream this evening since we did not stop at a single Dairy Queen while driving across country. The temperature was in the twenties and it was spitting snow. Dairy Queen and the drive-thru were packed with people eating ice cream.

Other than the enduring winter weather, we are liking Bend. Climate data shows that below freezing nightly temperatures are normal for April and May. Day time temperatures are generally in the 50s and 60s. The last four days have had highs in the thirties. I will be happy to see the sun and have warmer weather.