Snowy Day

Me in Snow
We woke up to snow today and it snowed until afternoon. The snow was really pretty on the Ponderosa Pines in the RV park. I am beginning to wonder if it is normally this cold mid-April in central Oregon. The high today was in the thirties and the nights have been in the twenties. It is suppose to stay like this for most of the week. The ten day forecast is predicting that it will warm up next week.

Mary is wanting to get a fishing license and go fishing. She got a fishing pole and tackle box for Christmas and seems to think that owning those two items is all it takes for her to be a fisher person. I found an online document called Easy Angling in Central Oregon that provides info on where and how to catch fish. So far she is still trying to figure out where she can get a fishing license. Since our friend Dickey took me fishing in Colorado, I am the resident fishing expert because a caught the biggest trout on the trip. What I know about fishing is enough to know that I don’t know much about fishing.

After it stopped snowing, the sun came out for a little while. The snow melted away and everything was clean and green. Unfortunately it did not warm up, but just having the sun made it seem warmer. By late afternoon the sky had clouded over and it was snowing again.

I am feeling pretty good today. My head still has a huge goose egg, the right side of my face is bruised and quite colorful, my right thigh and hip are still sore and I walk a little funny because of that, my left thumb is still splinted and pretty useless however my brain fog seems to have lifted - I believe I am thinking more clearly today.

I have been experimenting with streaming TV and movies over the RV park’s wifi. Today I was able to connect my computer to the TV using a DVI to HDMI cable and stream TV shows and movies to the TV. I am also able to stream Amazon and Netflix through Wii. The park has free cable TV, but it is analog and poor quality. While streaming quality over the RV park’s internet is not great quality it is quite a bit better than the free cable TV. For free internet, the service here is quite good.

We are having steak and sweet potatoes for dinner tonight. I am cooking. The fact that I thought about dinner is one of the reasons I think I am improving. Up until today, Mary was making sure I ate because I didn’t remember to eat and didn’t think about fixing anything to eat.

RV in Snow

RV in Snow2