Time Marches On

We plan to be on the road one week from today (next Sunday). We will spent this week packing the RV, clearing stuff out of the house, doing last minute things, and best of all spending time with friends and family. Mary works four days this week including Friday and Saturday before we plan to leave Sunday morning. This means we need to be very close to ready to go by Thursday.

Getting the house ready to leave is taking more time than it has in the past because we are cleaning out and getting rid of more stuff than we have in the past. The more time we spend on the road, the easier we find it to get rid of stuff at home. My theory is that living with limited "stuff" in the RV makes us realize how much time it takes to deal with all the unneeded stuff we have at home. We have been and will continue to take stuff to Goodwill. A very nice young couple that is going to stay in the house and take care of things while we are gone. We are excited about having them here and they seem to be excited about being here.

Packing the RV is taking longer than it has in the past. Our old RV stayed mostly packed so that when we were going somewhere we put a few items and food in and we were ready to go. With a new RV, we had to start over since it had nothing packed. In addition to having more to pack, we also have to figure out the best place to put things. Mary has built extra shelves for the bedroom closet and kitchen pantry. She has also modified the dresser in the bedroom so that it will work as a computer desk (Mary is old school when it comes to a computer - she travels with a desktop instead of a laptop and therefore needs a desk). We removed one of the recliners that came in the RV to give us a little extra room in the living area. So far things have gone smoothly. We are finding that the new RV has more storage space than we originally thought. Mary is slowly getting her clothes and such packed in the RV. All of my clothes are in the RV drawers and closet - I even have two empty drawers (unless Mary has found them and put her stuff in them). The kitchen and bathroom are packed. Mary is responsible for packing all the stuff that goes in the basement (mostly RV stuff and toys) and that is all pretty well packed. We have some last minute things (electronics / food) that will not be packed until Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. We also have to pack bicycles and boats (they will go on top of vehicles).

Leaving home is always exciting and sad. We will miss seeing our yard turn green and all the flowers bloom. Knowing we won't see friends and family for an extended time is hard. Mixed with that sadness is the excitement of being on the road and visiting new places. I have found that I am sad for about the first hundred miles of a trip and then the excitement takes over.