The Excitement Builds

Moxie knows we are packing up and getting ready to go. She checks out everything we put in the car to take to the RV. I suppose she is making sure that her things are being packed. Moxie seems to really enjoy RV living. The new RV will give Moxie a little more space for her belongings. She has a closet for her dog food, bones, treats, jackets, etc. Moxie has a bed in the living room right beside the recliner, and she has very nice sleeping quarters in the walk-in closet in the bedroom.

Everyday we get closer being ready to go. The to do list is starting to get shorter rather than longer which is always a good sign that we are almost finished doing all the things we need to do. I am in a perpetual state of excitement and Mary is getting more excited every day. Mary generally does not get excited about us heading out - she is generally much more matter of fact about the things that must be done and sad about leaving Asheville. While we both are a little melancholy about leaving, the sadness is being dissipated by the excitement.