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We are to the point where the "to do list" is getting shorter rather than longer. Every time we relocate, I make a list of things that have to be done before we can move on. As we do things, we think of more things that must be done and for a long time no matter how many things we check off the list, the list gets longer. I am always pleased when the list starts getting shorter.

Springtime in Boise is stunningly beautiful. Everything turns from brown to green; flowers and trees bloom: the rivers fills up to their banks from spring runoff. The snow on the surrounding mountains melts. I am so glad we got to see the beginning of it before leaving. As excited as we are about our travels and our relocation to Anchorage, we are both saddened to be leaving Boise. One thing about a nomadic lifestyle is knowing that we will be moving on and will very likely be sad when we leave places. Fortunately that sadness is tempered by the excitement of going new places, meeting new people, seeing new things and having new experiences. While it saddens me to leave places, I think I would be much more forlorn if I was happy to be leaving a place.

We are leaving some of our toys in Boise rather than taking them to Alaska. The less weight we tow that far the better our gas mileage will be. Leaving toys here also ensures that we will return to Boise on our way to our next adventure.

Mary is off work tomorrow so hopefully we will get a lot of things on the list completed. There are several things that can't be done until the last minute so they will have to wait until Saturday.