Tok, AK to Anchorage, AK

I wish I could say the road conditions from Tok to Anchorage were good, but they were not. It was another day filled with frost heaves, potholes, long gravel sections, and road construction. The scenery on the drive was beautiful and we saw several moose and trumpeter swans. I'm not sure any of that makes up for the road conditions. The good news is that on our way back to the lower 48 we will get the worst driving days over at the beginning of the trip.

Mary likes to stop for breakfast around 10:00 when we are driving. On this section of the journey, there was no place to stop so we found a scenic pullout, opened up the RV and fixed eggs, ham & toast. The scenery was much nicer than any of the restaurants we found on the entire trip. Today was the longest drive of the trip (over 300 miles) and taking a break for breakfast was nice. The view of glacier covered mountains was also nice.

We arrived in Anchorage mid-afternoon. The Golden Nugget RV Park has two sections. One is pretty much for RV caravans (groups of RVs that travel to Alaska together) and is not open yet. The other section is for everyone else. There is a pretty big discrepancy in the two sections. Since the "pretty" section of the park is not open yet, we were assigned to the other section. We have a very nice site that is wide enough for the RV, the truck and the car to be parked side by side. The site is not very long, and we (like several other RVs in the park) barely fit. There is a small city park across the street and many city bike paths near by.

The folks in the RV office suggested a Mexican restaurant (it is Cinco de Mayo) for dinner. After dinner we put up the TV antenna and found a couple of TV stations (we have not seen TV since we left Boise on April 17th). I got our internet setup and working (our internet system only works in the US). Both of us were tired from the previous two days of driving.