Day 6 - NC to MT

Driving the last two days was difficult at best. The wind gusts made it difficult to tow the RV and the wind in and around kayaks on top of the car made the car very loud and difficult to control. Compared to the drive across South Dakota and Wyoming, today's drive was a pleasure. The scenery was beautiful, we saw more antelope, the roads were in good condition and fuel stops were plentiful. The lower fuel prices this spring made our drive across country much more economical.

We arrived at Jim & Mary's RV Park mid-afternoon. The RV Park had selected two sites that they thought might fit our needs. We decided on the first site they picked. It is located in an area of long-term people; this is important because it means our neighbors will not moving in and out every few days. The site is on an outside loop which means less traffic and we do not look into another RV when looking out our living room window. There is an open field behind the RV where Moxie can be walked. There is room for parking two vehicles. A pleasant surprise was that although the RV park says it does not have monthly rates, it does offer monthly rates in the off season and we are getting one month at the monthly rate (less than half the cost of the regular rate).

Setting up the RV did not take much time. The six point leveling system makes unhitching and leveling the RV as simple as pushing a button. The new skirt for the RV fit like a dream and Mary seemed to enjoy putting all the bikes and bike gear in her "garage". Getting things organized inside will take a while. I am sure we will move stuff around for a while trying to find the best place.

Now that we are going to be living in the RV for an extended time, we will have time to learn how to use the features of the RV, fortunately most things have manuals. Figuring out how to work the TV was this evening's challenge.