Day Two on the Alaska Highway

Today was probably the very best day we have ever had on the road. It started with breakfast at the Triple G Getaway in Fort Nelson. We were seated at the bar on stools made from horse saddles. Mary wanted me to take her picture and one of the staff told her that to take pictures she had to have a hat and a beer in her hand - which the manager promptly provided. We were asked who we wanted for president. I told him I didn't like any of them and was thinking about moving to Canada. He laughed and his wife said they went to Arizona for the winter and perhaps we could take care of the Triple G through the winter for them. We laughed with the staff all the way through breakfast. Our initial impression of Triple G was not very good, by the time we left our impression had changed radically. We were the first customers of the 2016 season and before we left we knew everyone who worked at the place and had agreed to come back next time we were in the area. If you are ever in Fort Nelson, please stop by Triple G Getaway - tell them we sent you.

The road from Fort Nelson to Lake Watson is very mountainous. It winds through, up and over the Northern Rockies. The road has to be repaired every spring because of winter damage. In keeping with what we had read, it was a difficult road. Mary maneuvered the truck and RV through the curves and hills as if she was driving a Formula One race car through Watkins Glen. At one point we pulled over into one of the pullouts on the road and another RV that had been following us for many miles, pulled in behind us. The driver got out and walked over to us. We talked for a while. His family owns a place on Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. We exchanged contact information and he invited us to come visit and go fishing - his son owns an ocean fishing boat.

We started seeing wildlife along the road - caribou, stone sheep, bison and black bears. Neither of us had ever seen stone sheep or caribou. Our first planned stop for the day was Liard River Hotsprings. Pulling into the parking lot we saw a large number of husky type dogs. We parked and walked over to where the dogs were. The owner introduced herself and told us they were sled dogs from Colorado and they were on their way to Juneau, Alaska for the summer. They stopped every six hours to let the dogs out of the truck. We asked if we could pet them and were told only if we petted every one of them because they were very jealous.

Our plan was to spend the night at the hot springs campground or the RV place across the street from the hot springs park… but first we were going to soak in the hot springs. The hot springs were somewhat developed, but still natural. The temperature of the water was perfect and we played and soaked in the hot springs for over an hour. There were very few people there, but the ones who were there were quite friendly. Canadians seem to very outgoing and love to tell visitors about their country.

After spending some time in the hot springs, we drove the car through the campground. I did not think there was enough room to maneuver the RV into any of the sites, but Mary really wanted to stay and thought she might be able to back into site #29. I had my doubts, but Mary is the driver and does an excellent job of backing the RV. We went back to get the RV. After multiple attempts to put the RV into the site, Mary conceded that there was not enough maneuvering space to get it in the site. We drove across the street to the RV park. I did not like the looks of the place. We drove the car into the park and could feel how soft the ground was under the car. Deciding that the RV might very well get stuck we decided to drive on. We used the Milepost book to find a place about 75 miles down the road. According to the book, the place was open from May through September. When we arrived at the place, it was not open. The next option was in Watson Lake - one hundred miles away. Days are long and the sun is out until around 10:00 pm. We headed to Fort Nelson. On the way we saw five bears and a lot of bison. Even with the extra driving, today was a stellar day.