Fun in Boise

After five days on the road it was nice to wake up this morning and sit on the couch and drink tea in my pajamas. it was also nice to take a shower in our own bathroom. When Mary got up, she jumped in the shower and was dressed for the day in less than an hour. I soon found out why; she wanted to go to Shari’s for breakfast. If Mary had her way, we would eat at Shari’s three meals a day - especially on Wednesdays because it is free pie day and on Thursdays which is free milkshake day.

First thing on our agenda today was to test ride bikes. Mary wants a new road bike. While Mary test rode road bikes, I rode a mountain bike that was awesome. If it had not been too big for me, we might have been traveling with six bikes instead of five. Mary did not like any of the road bikes she tested any more than she likes her old one.

After testing bikes, we went by REI to see friends and to return my Fitbit that no longer works. REI quickly replaced it. Fitbits come with a one year warranty, however, fitbit customer service will not respond to phone calls or emails, so instead of sending it back to fitbit, I took it back to REI and now I have a new one.

We returned to the RV and Mary got my city bike ready so I could ride it. I rode to Sharla’s house to visit her and meet her new dog. Mary took a nap. When I returned to the RV I told Mary that something was wrong with my bike. She checked it and said I can’t ride it until she takes it to the shop to fix it. Guess I will be riding one of my other bikes tomorrow.

Generally I load the RV with food before we leave home, but I did not do that for this trip. I wanted to leave plenty of room for us to go to shopping at WINCO when we got to Boise. WINCO is the biggest grocery store either of us have ever seen and it’s prices are very low. We went to WINCO before dinner and now our kitchen is fully stocked with food. WINCO is not a good place for someone who is on a diet (such as myself) to go. We made healthy choices today. Tonight we had salmon, asparagus and Idaho potatoes for dinner.