Kansas City World of Fun

Today started out great. Moxie and I started the day with a walk and Mary was up and dressed by 7:30. We walked to Paneara Bread for breakfast before pulling out of the Walmart parking lot. This particular Walmart parking lot was quiet and we both got a good night’s sleep.

We got through St. Louis without a hitch despite the road construction and very narrow lanes. For me, crossing the Mississippi is like going through a door that separates the hustle and bustle of the East from the rest of the country. Missouri is like the foyer - kind of a transition between the East and West.

We drove until around 11:30 when we stopped for lunch. We took Moxie for a walk and made sandwiches. We decided we would drive to Nebraska City and spend the night in a campground (going to be in the 20’s tonight). We were back on the road within an hour. It’s spring and there are a lot of RVs on the Road.

We stopped for gas outside of Kansas City and got right back on the road. About two exits later, Mary signaled that she was exiting. I followed thinking she had seen a sign for Dairy Queen. There was no Dairy Queen, instead the truck had a flat tire. My initial thought was, “No big deal. I will call Good Sam Roadside Assistance and we will be back on the road within an hour.”

I placed the call and was told that Little Blue Towing would be there to fix the tire within an hour. About ten minutes later, Good Sam called me back to tell me Little Blue could not come so they were sending Lazer Pipe instead. I asked him to spell it to verify I had heard correctly. I told him I had a flat tire, not a pipe problem. He said they would be there within an hour. About fifteen minutes later a huge blue Lazer Pipe Truck arrives and Rob hops out.

We saw nothing that indicated that this was a tire changing truck or that Rob was a mechanic. There were huge pieces of equipment that appeared to be built onto the truck, but none of it looked like tire changing equipment. Rob looked under our truck and told us we had to unhitch the RV so he could get to the spare. He did not have any tire changing equipment so we had to unload the two bikes that were in the backseat of the truck to get to the tire changing equipment that lived under the seat. He also told us he had not changed a tire on a Ford truck. (He and his brother have Dodge trucks on the ranch.). Over two hours later, our tire was still flat and the spare was still attached to the underside of the truck. Rob said he couldn’t get the spare tire down and suggested that we leave the RV and truck where they were until morning and try to get it fixed tomorrow. I vetoed that. The next suggestion was to cut off the piece that holds the spare in place and just carry a spare in the back of the truck. I vetoed that. Then Rob decided he needed to tow the truck and the RV to the Ford dealership to get help. We hitched the RV back up so it could be towed.

While all of this was going on, I was calling tire places trying to locate a new tire. The only one I could locate in the proper size was some off brand and I didn’t want to go that route. I finally found someone who could get us a tire to match the ones on the truck tomorrow morning. I had him order it. Realizing we would be spending the night in Kansas City, I started looking for RV parks and hotels that accept dogs - since I was not convinced we would have the RV to sleep in. Good Sam had called back twice. The last time was to tell me that they had talked with the Ford dealership and were told that they would take care of it.

Around 6:00, Rob had the truck and RV ready to tow. Mary and I followed along in the car. At the Ford dealer, our truck was unhitched from Rob’s truck and we unhitched the RV from our truck . About an hour later the spare tire was on the truck and the flat tire was in the bed of the truck. We hitched the RV back up and drove to World of Fun RV Village less than a mile from the Ford dealer. We plugged the RV in to the electrical outlet, fed Moxie, and drove down the street to Waffle House for dinner (it was that or Wendy’s).

Mary assured me this would make a funny story, but I still am not laughing. We are fortunate that no one was hurt and there was no other damage considering we were going seventy miles per hour when it happened. Mary did a great job of keeping the truck and RV under control and getting to a safe location. This is the first flat tire we have had with the truck and RV and we have driven both a lot of miles.

Tomorrow morning we will get a new tire and hopefully be back on the road by noon.