Adapting to Our New Environment

Yesterday morning Mary went to the Bend REI to meet the store managers and tour the store. She said the store is very nice (it is in an old factory building) and she really likes where it is located along the Deschutes River. There are other stores (Banana Republic, White House Black Market, Chicos, etc) and small restaurants in the same area along with a city park and a greenbelt. (The things typed in blue will take you to photos, videos or other info about the things I write about - just click on the blue words)

While Mary was gone, I checked out some of the things at the
RV Park. There is a partially indoor - partially outdoor hot tub that will open as soon as we stop having nights below freezing. The laundry room has washer and dryers that work with a credit card and notify you on your phone when your clothes are ready to move from the washer to dryer and to be gotten out of the dryer. There is also an iron and ironing board and tables for folding laundry. There are at least two guest lounges. One has coffee and tea in the morning, board games, books and a large TV. There is a workout room with exercise equipment. There are also showers and toilet facilities. In the summer there are weekly events with music, food & drink. It looks like there is a large outdoor patio area with propane heaters, tables & grilling facilities that will be available during the warmer months. There is a tennis court, shuffleboard, horseshoes, a fenced in dog off leash area. Adjacent to the rv resort is a large natural area with lots of trails to explore where we can walk Moxie off leash.

I have met our neighbors. Per our friend Maggie’s suggestion, I wrote down their names and practiced remembering them after meeting them. Our site (as are all the sites) is huge by RV park standards. We have a small bistro table and two chairs, a storage facility (about 10 x 6) and a utility area that has our RV hookups. The actual site is made of patio bricks. between our site and the sites beside us are grass areas that are about 15-20 feet wide. Behind us is a park like grass area with large Ponderosa pine trees and park benches that is probably about 40 feet wide and runs the length of our RV row. Behind that is another row of RVs.

I am surprised at how many RV are here with it still being so cold (below freezing at night and in the forties during the day). The park is probably half-full.

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk along the Deschutes River Trail in downtown bend. There was a small festival going on in the park with live music. Lots of people were out with their kids and dogs. Bend has lots of large sculptures including the one made of kayaks pictured above.

We talked about going out to dinner, but in the end, Mary decided that the noise and confusion of a Saturday night crowd might still be too much for me. Instead she picked up a speciality pizza and brought it home.

Living in the RV while I get my brain functioning again makes it hard for me to lose things. Our entire house is probably less than 200 square feet and there just aren’t that many places to misplace things. My brain pre-bike ride seems to be functioning pretty well. My memory and recollection of things from the time I got on my bike on 4/7 through about mid-morning on 4/11 is either totally gone, a hodgepodge of things that I have been told and a jumble of confusing moments that I think I remember in no particular sequence. Since around mid-morning on 4/11, I think I have been functioning well enough that the casual observer would not realize there are issues. I misplace stuff, have trouble remembering new information, and sometimes forget what I did earlier in the day or think I have done things that I have not done. I am writing things down to help me remember (thank goodness for the notes app on my iPhone, iPad and computer that sync together). Things in the RV are pretty well organized which helps.

Mary is helping with things, like making sure I eat and don’t overdo physical activity. She also takes Moxie out for her morning walk. I seem to have balance issues in the morning or anytime I get up from lying down or sitting. I am hoping that when Mary starts work work on Tuesday I will have improved enough to be able to fix dinner, do the laundry (without forgetting where I left our clothes) and things like that on my own. I know I cannot drive or ride a bike yet.