Day 2 - NC to MT

Last night before going to bed, I pulled out the info on the RV toilet that came with the RV. I think I discovered the problem. I sent an email to our RV dealer in NC begging for help. This morning I had an email telling me that there was not much they could do from afar, but give me the phone number for Cedar Creek customer service and tell me to call them.

Moxie and I went for a run in the large field next to the RV park while Mary was trying to wake up. We unhooked from the campground utilities and quickly and got back on the road. Once on the road I called Cedar Creek. The gentleman I spoke with was very helpful. He told me that he had other people with the same problem when traveling in early spring. Often it is an isolated incident in one RV park. He told me to try hooking up to the water again tonight and see if if still leaks, if not the problem if solved. If it does leak then he gave me the name of who to contact in Rapid City (our next stop) to have it repaired. I immediately felt better.

Today is the day that I dread on every trip out west. Coming through St Louis and across the Mississippi River has always been a nightmare - lots of traffic, construction and confusing signs. Our plan was to get through St Louis after everyone had gone to work and before they went to lunch. Well….

It has been a while since we have been through St. Louis and today was a very pleasant surprise. As we approached St Louis and I saw the arch in the distance I got my phone ready to take a photo of the RV passing by the arch. I have a photo of our old RV and the arch and I thought it would be cool to have a photo of the new RV and the arch. Before getting close enough for a photo we turned off to the left and bypassed the entire metro area so I did not get my photo, but we avoid congestion and road construction and went across the Mississippi on a beautiful new bridge (see photo). Crossing the Mississippi River and getting through St. Louis is pretty much the end of traffic congestion for the trip.

Tonight we are in an "interesting" RV park in Pacific Junction, Iowa. The RV park has a wooden sign that informs people that the cost is $16.00 per night. There are envelopes for money and a drop box. We have never stayed an RV Park (as opposed to a campground) that is self-pay. We got the last site in the park. This was pretty special because there is not another RV park that is open this time of year for over 150 miles. Being in an RV park means we will have heat tonight and in the morning (it is supposed to be in the 30's tonight). In this case it also means we have wifi. The park was about two miles down a gravel road. There is wifi, a playground, a large field for Moxie, and restrooms. In the women's restroom there is a sign that proclaims that men are not allowed to shower with their girlfriends in the women's restroom even if invited - doing so is grounds for eviction.

Since we do not have water (except for the gallon jugs we brought with us), Mary decided she would find somewhere to pick up dinner. Miles away, she found a McDonalds with a very limited menu. We are dined on salads, chicken sandwiches and french fries - yummy Sad