Apr 2015

Spring is Springing

We have been busy! Mary went to the physical therapist for the first time following her Achilles tendon surgery. He was very pleased with the mobility and strength of her ankle. He told her she did not have to wear her brace as long as she used a cane or trekking pole and did not walk on uneven surfaces (such as large rocks, roots, etc.). She was thrilled with the report. Read More...

Good Times

Spring seems to have arrived in Missoula. We have not been below freezing since last Thursday and the sun has been shining every day. The hills / lower mountains are starting to turn green and there is still snow on the higher mountains. The blue skies, green grass,white clouds and snow make for a beautiful day. My and Moxie's sunrise hikes are getting warmer. Read More...

Little Things

I am still marveling at all the space we have in the Cedar Creek. Everything is working like it is supposed to which is so nice. We were both getting very frustrated when it seamed that we were discovering a new problem before getting the last problem solved. We have not had a problem in days. With out problems, I have been able to focus on the good things about the RV and my attitude has improved significantly.

Out and About

Mary has worked at the Missoula REI for three days and likes the store, managers and other employees. She is pleased that she is selling lots of bicycles and REI memberships.

After having the RV repaired on Saturday, we discovered that the shower door still leaked Sunday morning. I decided to try to fix it myself with lots of caulk. It seems to have worked. I am always pleased when I am able to fix something - sometimes it seems like I mess up more than I fix when I try to fix things. It's nice to have the microwave/convection oven working, Moxie was really missing her evening popcorn. Read More...

Visiting Family & Making Repairs

Yesterday was a fun day. We drove up to Flathead Lake to visit my cousin Kelly and his wife, Sandy, at their place on the lake. On the way we drove past the beautiful Mission Mountain Range and the National Bison Range. The place on the lake is an old farm house that has been redone to some degree - the farm house charm still remains. There is also a large building that has been added to provide garage storage and sleeping quarters for guests. Read More...

Sunshine and Warm Temps

Although it is still getting below freezing at night, the last few days have been warm. The RV, truck and car all got a bath yesterday. All the dirt collected driving over 2500 miles has been washed away. I suspect all vehicles weight a few pounds less. Read More...


As unbelievable as it is, we have another issue with the RV. The other morning I got up and noticed the clock on the microwave was not on. I checked breaker, GFI outlets and such. Finally decide to check the dedicated outlet that the microwave/convection oven is plugged into. There was no power from the outlet. Read More...

Settling In

Yesterday was grocery shopping and laundry day mixed in with a little exploring around town. I spent some time in Missoula years ago and perhaps should know my way around, but was glad to have the GPS to help me out yesterday. Read More...

Day 6 - NC to MT

Driving the last two days was difficult at best. The wind gusts made it difficult to tow the RV and the wind in and around kayaks on top of the car made the car very loud and difficult to control. Compared to the drive across South Dakota and Wyoming, today's drive was a pleasure. Read More...

Day 5 - NC to MT

We woke up this morning hoping to get on the road early to avoid some of the predicted wind. By 8:00 we had eaten breakfast, drained the holding tanks, disconnected the water, put Moxie in the car and started the truck so it could warm up. It was brutally cold and the wind was blowing about thirty-five miles per hour. Unhooking things had been very uncomfortable because of the wind and temperature. Read More...

Day 4 - NC to MT

It was sixty-two degrees when I woke up this morning. Moxie and I went for a pre-dawn walk without a coat. By the time the sun came up the temperature had dropped ten degrees and the wind was gusting at forty plus miles an hour. I knew Mary would not be sleeping much longer because of the way my tea was sloshing in my cup. Being in an RV when the wind is gusting can be a little scary because the RV rocks in the wind.