Aug 2013

Karin & Steve

Paulina Peak
My phone rang while I was driving down from the top of Paulina Peak. I had just dropped Mary off to mountain bike from the top of the Peak to the lake below. Cat who works at REI and happened to have my phone number in her phone said there was a man named Steve White at REI asking for Mary’s phone number. I told her that we knew Steve and asked that she give him my phone number.


House Sitting

Deb and Perrin got my name and phone number from someone who knows me and suggested that I might be willing to farm sit while they went out of town. When Deb told me they had horses I agreed to go by and check things out. Read More...

Always Wonderful World

We are still loving Bend. Seems like there is always wonderful options for things to do and the weather is always beautiful. We have settled into life here. Mary generally works four days a week. I spend a lot of time volunteering. We both spend a lot of time playing. Bend continues to be overcrowded with tourist. Read More...

Around Town

After our Rogue River trip, Dickey and Emily came to Bend. We mountain biked and visited breweries most of the days they were here. Since then we have been mountain biking and hiking. Mary has been working and I have been going to the goat farm. Read More...