Aug 2015

Missoula Life

Missoula is a great town for people who want a simpler life. In someways it is like stepping back twenty or thirty years (maybe more). People are nice - if you want to sit through a green light, no problem everyone behind you will wait quietly; the cashier at the grocery might talk to every customer for ten minutes while everyone waits patiently; at a four way stop everyone is signaling for everyone else to go first; Read More...

What a Storm!

Shortly after we arrived in Missoula, I met LeChel. We became fast friends and started walking our dogs together. We both were in need of a dog sitter during the summer and neither of us like to leave our dogs in boarding kennels. We agreed that we would trade off dog sitting. LeChel kept Moxie while we were on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and I kept Reggie and Fred (LeChel's cat) while LeChel was in Europe.