Dec 2011

Goodbye 2011

2011 has certainly been a year of events. On the national and international scene there have been major highs and lows. While not the magnitude of things going on in the world, our 2011 also had some major highs and lows. Keenan was born and we made the move to full-time RVing. While these were the two best events in 2011, they were also the worst. In that respect, 2011 was a year of duality for us.

Dry Creek Plus


Mary was off work today. It was going to be fifty degrees and partly sunny. We decided to do a hike/bike with the dogs. I had not been to Dry Creek and Mary wanted to try to find the connecting trail between Dry Creek Trail and Hard Guy Trail so we loaded Mary’s bike and the dogs into the truck and headed up Bogus Basin Road to Dry Creek Trailhead. Shadow and Moxie had obviously been there and were very excited when they realized where we were going. Read More...


Yesterday we woke to a dusting of snow. The dogs and I drove a bit north of town and went for a hike in the snow while Mary went to work.

This morning it is forty-three degrees and raining. There is also a warm breeze. This might sound nice to some people, but we are hoping for snow. According to the local news channel, the latest the city ski slope has opened is January 6th. Hopefully this will not be a record breaking year. Read More...

Christmas Day

As with the past sixty Christmas mornings, I woke up early. I like early morning on Christmas Day, I turn on the tree, light the candles, fix a cup of tea and reflect on how fortunate I am. Read More...

Christmas Eve

Here it is Christmas Eve and no snow. We should be spending the day skiing / snowboarding or snowshoeing, but there is no snow. We decided on a hike & bike with the dogs in the Polecat area. Hiking with the dogs is fun, but we should be snowshoeing with the dogs on Christmas Eve not hiking in a fleece instead of a heavy jacket. Read More...

New Video

Mary has made a video from the party we went to on Sunday. You can see it by clicking on the Mary’s Videos tab at the top of this page.



323J3299 Karen from Idaho Botanical Garden called this morning with an offer I just couldn’t refuse. She desperately needed an elf to help Santa at Winter Gardens Aglow. The last time I volunteered at Winter Gardens Aglow I about froze to death, but how could I turn down Santa?


I am a bit homesick this morning. The kids and grandkids are all together this weekend. Kyle’s birthday is Monday. Christmas activities with NC friends are starting. We are sitting in a motel where we can watch the sunrise over the I-84.



Pasted Graphic
The are lots of people at the Residence Inn this weekend. My guess is that they are football fans in town for the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.



Sitting on the couch in our Residence Inn suite, I can watch the sunrise over the interstate (which is about 30 feet away from our window). It’s not as nice as watching the sunrise over mountain peaks or at the beach, but it is still a sunrise.


Life at the Residence Inn

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We checked into the Residence Inn on Tuesday. We will be here for an extended period of time while the RV is being repaired. The longest I have ever stayed in a hotel is ten days on ski vacations in Austria and Park City. The dogs have not stayed in a hotel for more than two nights.


Keenan's Surgery

Keenan’s surgery to remove the cystic tissue from her left lung began around 10:30 yesterday morning. The vascular growth within the cystic was attached to her aorta and other major veins and arteries. The surgeons removed the cystic tissue and its vascular system in about two hours.


Yurting It

For my sixtieth birthday, Mary planned a snowshoe trip to a yurt. Sue, one of our playmates and an experienced snowshoer and yurt visitor joined us. I have some snowshoeing experience and Mary had very limited experience. Shadow nor Moxie had any snowshoeing experience.