Feb 2013

Visiting Shelley - the Dentist

Mary left last week heading to Jacksonville, Florida to open new REI store. On Tuesday Shelley called to see if I could come to Creedmoor to take care of Keenan (day care had called because Keenan was throwing up). Within a matter of minutes, Shadow, Moxie & I were on our way. I keep clothes and such in Creedmoor and Shelley has dog food, etc. so very little packing was necessary.

We're Going to Bend!!!

Bend REI
We are going to Bend!!! I am very, very excited. Bend has sunshine three hundred days a year. Summers are cool, spring and fall are short, and winter is long and cold. Based on climate data that I can find on the Internet, from December through February we can expect extended periods of time with temperatures well below freezing. Read More...

Dreaming of Bend

Pasted Graphic
When we first started talking about RVing full-time, I wanted to go to Bend, Oregon for a year. I am very much into looking before leaping and so I checked out some of the details about Bend. Winters are cold in Bend - several consecutive days with the high temperature well below freezing. RV parks in Bend cost more than apartment and house rentals in Asheville (over $1000.00 a month). Read More...

Oh the Pain

Mary woke up with no shoulder pain. Even though she was not in pain, I gave her the pain medication because the nurse had warned her that once the nerve block wore off there would be pain and if the pain got ahead of the medication, it would be really bad. Read More...


Mary had to be at the surgical center at 9:00 AM. That means I had to be there too. When we arrived they took Mary back. About forty-five minutes the phone in the small uncomfortable waiting room rings and it is for me. The person on the line asks me to come upstairs to pre-op.


Play Day & Change of Plans

Taylor spent Thursday with us. We spent the whole day playing. We played restaurant - with Taylor as chef, hostess and waitstaff); had a dance party; played wii; played Play-doh; danced some more; played drums and the guitar; sang; looked at some baby pictures of Taylor; and played games. It is always fun when we have Taylor for the day. Read More...